BeiBei Song

Innovator, Executive Educator and Creative Marketer

Writer, Editor, Curator, Producer and Fusionist

Jonathan Clark, Ph.D.

Innovation and Strategy Advisor

Innovation Games® Qualified Instructor 

Laura Derry

Applied Improv Facilitator and VR Simulation Specialist

Improviser, Actor and Voiceover Artist 

Linda Naiman

Creativity Educator and Coach, Corporate Alchemist

Artist and Designer

Maria Cerrone

Arts Manager, Producer and Curator

Ricci Mann Victorio

Leadership Coach, Change Orchestrator

Comedian, Producer and Director

Roshi Khalilian

Team-building, Communication and Cultural Facilitator

Artist and Creative Coach

Weidong Yang, Ph.D.

Data Scientist, Particle Physicist and VR Creator

Dancer, Photographer and Taiji Practitioner

Whitney Vosburgh

Brand Transformation Advisor and Consulting CMO

Artist and Designer

Advisory Board

Howard Goldman

Management Consultant and Executive Coach
Author and Speaker

John R. Adler, M.D.

Neurosurgeon, Inventor and Medical Device Executive

Professor Emeritus and Medical Publisher

Suzanne Stout, Ph.D.

Technology Executive and Investor