Updates on Healing, Renewal and Creativity: Midlife retreat and action items:

  • I’m so excited that Monica Poss will be my co-organizer. Thank you Monica for offering to help!

  • We now have several venue options – thank you to those who generously offered their homes! In descending order of distance from the Bay Area, with advantages of each:


  1. Seattle. Nadine Kano’s home with unobstructed view of Puget Sound and the mountains, a huge kitchen, and Nadine’s world-class French pastries! Yum!

  2. Park City, Utah. A friend’s ski house walking distance to the slopes. Nature abounds. Four bedrooms unoccupied outside the season and space for other sleeping arrangements, large enough to probably fit everyone onsite for a slumber party.

  3. Middletown, CA. My facilitator colleague’s country house 30 minutes north of Calistoga. Driving distance from SFO (about 2-2.5 hours). Country setting. 

  4. Bay Area. More convenience for local folks. Los Altos with Kevin Epstein and Amy Jervis’ hospitality and GSB’97 Pizza Night familiarity. Or Redwood City with Anu and Pulin Sanghvi’s charm, large yard and (can’t believe it) a grand piano!!

  • Dates: I’d like to offer the following weekend options:

  1. March 30-31

  2. April 6-7

  3. April 20-21


  • Pricing:


  • For our own class* it will be cost only, including planned meals (decent quality but not fancy), snacks, beverages and material / supplies, to be budgeted after finalization of venue. My colleague and I will volunteer our time, although donation or contribution by what it was worth to you or what you can afford will be appreciated, especially to compensate him. (*People were split in the Survey whether we shall open to other GSB classes. Will assess further after the core is formed.)

  • You will be responsible for your own lodging, unless people decide on Park City ski house, in which case April dates will be free (probably March 30-31 too if it’s not booked by end-of-season skiers). We just need to pay cleaning fee ($250), and it’d be nice if we buy my friend some booze for his next party.


  • Next step:

If you are seriously interested, please email (by Feb. 5 if possible) so I know who you are and can form a smaller mailing list for prospective participants, rather than communicating with the whole class.  In the email please indicate your venue preferences and availability:

Venue (from the 4 options above)

First choice(s): xx

Acceptable: xx

Cannot work: xx


Dates (from the 3 weekend options above)


Available: xx


And any other comments/requests.

Thank you!