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Midlife can be a challenging and confusing period.  It is a stark reminder of the passage of time and our growing age.  It maybe overloaded with multiple stressors between children, spouse, parents, career, or lack/loss thereof. We may feel the angst of what we have accomplished, or question what it is all about. Since the dawn of life, humans have looked to the skies and wondered: why am I here? what is my purpose? Around midlife, the question often begins to loom large.

Midlife is also an opportunity for transformation. We have the chance to look to the past and to the future, and make new choices. It can be a time for re-evaluation towards self-growth and self-realization.  A time to make a difference not only in our own life but also those of others.

Join us for a weekend to pause, ponder, heal and repurpose your life towards your deepest intentions. Immerse yourself in the world of creativity to unlock your inner power, express your vision for the next phase of life with increased clarity and purpose, and follow your pathway to a new future. Symbolized by your own painting, you will walk away refreshed, renewed and feeling supported to embrace your transforming self with gusto.

The weekend will be divided into three main sections:

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Saturday AM



Saturday PM



Sunday AM



~ morning meditation / music / movement ~


Journey to date, with creative expressions

~ healing piano ~

Changes and transitions

Strategies and processes

~ lunch ~

A new perspective, a higher dimension

Drawing on art history, frontier science and ancient spirituality 

New story, new path

Purpose, Presence and Peace

~ dinner, dessert-making class


and merriment ~

~ morning meditation / music / movement ~

Life vision

Life Vision as art, painted with Heart, Head and Hand​

~ preview of next workshop ~

~ lunch ~



goodbye, till next time

led by
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BeiBei Song

(Re)invention through Art


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Ryan Rigoli


Purpose, Presence, Peace


Executive educator, innovation coach, creative catalyst; dancing phoenix

Leadership, career & life coach, brand consultant, pianist, monk

Belinda bio photo.jpeg

Belinda Chlouber 


Artist, designer, teacher, Climate Reality Leader (trained with Al Gore)

Nadine bio photo.png

Nadine Kano


Technology exec. & storyteller, communication consultant, culinary chef

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Due to its intimate nature and home setting, this private event is limited to 10-12 participants.





(inclusive of lunches, Saturday dinner, art supplies, dessert-making class, snacks and beverages):


Early Bird Special (on or before April 7, 2019): $295

General (on or before April 24, 2019): $395

Late Bird (after April 24, 2019): $495

“We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has been through to achieve that beauty”


- Maya Angelou





What can I bring to the event?


Open mind, open heart, willingness to be vulnerable, compassion for yourself, empathy for fellow participants, respect for the hosting home and pledge of confidentiality so that the retreat can be a safe and trusty environment for everyone.


Wear comfortable clothing in case you feel like jumping up, lying down or stretching out. On Sunday you will be painting. You won’t be covered with paint but don’t wear anything you don’t want to get accidental spots on! Alternatively, feel free to bring a work apron or an old jacket as protective outer layer.




What's the refund policy?


Due to the small and intimate size of the group, registrations are generally not refundable. However we understand emergency circumstances may occur, and will consider refund requests on case-by-case basis.




Can I skip Saturday dinner?


Saturday evening is an integral part of the event, with catered dinner followed by dessert-making class led by a fellow participant who is a Cordon Bleu-trained pastry chef. We strongly recommend that you share this meal with us, as this more casual portion of the retreat will be fun, relaxing and a great bonding experience. If you must depart earlier, we will respect your wish, however costs for dinner and dessert-making cannot be waived.




Can you accommodate special dietary requirements?


We will be ordering quality, health-friendly food by California standards. Please let us know if you have special dietary needs and we will do our best to accommodate.




Who can I contact with other questions?


Monica Poss, 512.775.0974, email

This event is the third of Essinova's Spring 2019 Artful Life trilogy, following:



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