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SF Public Utilities Commission

SF Public Utilities Commission

Boxworks Conference

材料可以是LED、光纤、透明管、轻金属等,本身可以形成雕塑造型,又可能结合数字可视化系统,传递表达艺术、教育等信息, 或增加光控、音控等效果。

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Sonar, an illumination sculpture of polycarbonate tubes arranged in a hexagonal honeycomb grid in front of Duke Energy Center for the Performing Arts.  Designed to be an uplifting formal complement to the rhythmic elements of the classical façade and reflect the contemporary materiality of the modern addition. The lights will be publicly interactive.

建筑内部或外部均可, 可达到宏大效果,适合大型特殊活动,但通常要求晚上或可调低照明度的空间。

The Antactic

The Antactic

Westfield Center SF dome


A walk through a rainforest
Simulated rain shower
Ceiling view, with birds chirping
Ceiling view of tree canopy
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Art installation at Atlanta airport's underground walkway with lights and forest sounds of birds chirping and a rain shower simulating a walk through a rainforest. Back projection, sound and hanging art.