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BeiBei Song

Innovator, Executive Educator, Creative Catalyst, Fusionist

Speaker, Author, Curator and Dancer

Belinda Chlouber

Artist, Designer and Teacher

Climate Reality Leader

Frank Kilpatrick

Former Marketing and Communications Executive

Social Entrepreneur, Musician and Songwriter

Jonathan Clark, Ph.D.

Innovation and Strategy Advisor

Innovation Games® Qualified Instructor 

Linda Naiman

Creativity Educator and Coach, Corporate Alchemist

Artist and Designer

Nadine Kano

Software Veteran, Technology Storyteller, Communication Consultant and Author. Cordon Bleu-trained Pastry Chef.

Roshi Khalilian

Team-building, Communication and Cultural Facilitator

Artist and Creative Coach

Ryan Rigoli

Leadership & Life Coach, Brand Consultant

Pianist, monk

Rayko Takahashi

Singer, Musician and Composer


Howard Goldman

Management Consultant and Executive Coach
Author and Speaker

John R. Adler, M.D.

Neurosurgeon, Inventor and Medical Device Executive

Professor Emeritus and Medical Publisher

Karl Ulrich, Ph.D.

Professor, Vice Dean and Entrepreneur

Author, Designer and Inventor

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