BeiBei Song teaching a session on art and innovation at “Mastering Innovation” program, June 2019

The Program*

Mastering Innovation: From Idea to Value Creation


Academic Directors: Prof. Christian Terwiesch and Prof. Karl Ulrich


From the radical innovations that shake up entire industries to the many small innovations that perfect the execution of already successful organizations, “Mastering Innovation: From Idea to Value Creation” teaches executive learners how to treat innovation as a process, one to be managed and turned into a driver of profits and growth.


* The week-long program is offered twice a year. Application is now open for the next runs January 13–17, 2020 (Philadelphia, PA) and June 7–11, 2020 (San Francisco, CA). Learn more and apply here.


The Session

Perspective, Dimensions and Intransigents:

Lessons for Innovation from Art History


Guest Lecturer: BeiBei Song


June 11, 2019, Wharton San Francisco


A case study about Impressionism, one of the most radically innovative art movements in history, and its decade-long crusade for market adoption. A parcel of art-thinking research and arts-based learning practice delivered in an “art box”, with which executive participants created meaningful artworks themselves, as visual expressions of their program experience.

Read our Journal for more story behind the session and workshop.

The Setting


State-of-the art LEED-certified urban campus, with stunning views of the San Francisco Bay, atop historic Hills Brothers tower where yesteryear entrepreneurship emanated in coffee aroma and today’s tech engines power 68% of the world’s cyber-browsing (or -surfing, or -sailing)…

Impression, Wharton SF, as Monet might have had it!

The Learnings


Tournament science, design-thinking process, problem-solving models, Maslow’s Hierarchy, the Five Whys, the Three Horizons, Blue Ocean, Alpha Assets, innovation frontiers, S Framework, uncertainty resolution and other powerful tools and concepts…

Mastering Innovation, in Kandinsky-esque improvisations!

The Reflections


“For anyone whose company cannot afford to stand still, this is very valuable.”

“I learned so many new concepts; the strength of this program comes rather from the excellent capability of the instructors.”

“Our corporate focus is on culture. This course really gave me a way to tie innovation to culture.”

“I learned very useful methodologies not only to pursue more efficiencies, but more importantly to recognize various ideas.”

“Exceeded expectations. Liked the mix of practical innovation and the tools will be very helpful. Program was very well organized and well run!”