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Light in the Coronavirus Darkness and An Opportunity for Creative Rebirth

BeiBei's reflection about the pandemic and the purpose behind this program can be found in Essinova Journal, or on LinkedIn

Interview by The Great Pause

BeiBei was interviewed by David Perry for The Great Pause, a live stream online TV show providing information and resources for people to remain connected during the lockdown and are ready to return, united and better than ever. 

On-demand version adapted from the session recordings of our live playshop series is available here for you to benefit at your own leisure. You are also welcome to check out session highlights in Essinova Journal by clicking on the gallery images below. 

The coronavirus era, when we find ourselves involuntarily staying inside our homes for health and safety, is an opportunity to voluntarily go inside ourselves for clarity and wisdom. An external shock of this magnitude may reach into our inner nonconscious, and the experience can be transformative. 


Join us for a series of online playshops designed to enhance our physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing during this time of universal difficulties. We will jumpstart the senses, find collective joy, and feel the comfort of mutual support, lifting us from the weight of the crisis. Together we will mine the resilience and resourcefulness we need to triumph over the swirl of uncertainties before us.   


Weaving a tapestry of sensory experience, art and music, and insights from neuroscience to archetypal spiritual practices, we will:


  • reconnect with our natural but neglected senses, to activate their healing and creative powers;

  • feel and express love and gratitude, strengthening bond and intimacy at home, as well as deepening social connections - even at a distance; 

  • awaken and embrace the often-suppressed part of ourselves that manages self-care;

  • listen to our inner voice for guidance and direction;

  • learn to rise up to the occasion for our loved ones and our communities;

  • tune into our senses, and use them to tap into the universal energy field.

Together we will contribute to a brighter, healthier, and more beautiful future as we emerge from the darkness, like a butterfly emerging from the chrysalis.


Act I            April 18th, 2020

The Sensorium:

A Sanctuary for the Soul

Unlock your inner world with a blend of physical and mindful sensory exercises. Bring it out with artful whimsey.


Immerse in the moment, then let it expand, and find calmness and immunity-boosting nourishment within.


Discover the hidden beauty of your shelter and your essentials.


Harmonize your body, mind, heart and spirit.


Share your stories and transmit your replenished energy.

Envision an emerging new you.


Act II            April 25th, 2020

A Healing Musical Journey

Take a step away from the madness  and find personal peace with this musical voyage.


Learn to listen deeply, and let the music and lyrics enrich your hearts and minds.


Sing and chant away your anxieties, fear and loneliness in our playful chorus.


Show your best self to yourself and others. Expand your happiness, joy and gratitude.


Gain a new perspective, and usher in a new way to experience life, by experiencing music in new ways.


Act III            May 2nd, 2020

Coming to Our Senses Through Visual Art

Explore the visual arts -  by appreciating the greats and making your own - for stress relief, centering and grounding.


Clear your mind, open your senses  and connect to your deepest source of authenticity.

Learn by reflecting on the past, and by feeling the future. 


Cultivate your creativity, and make sense and meaning from chaos and uncertainty.


Awaken your ability to tune in to a future possibility that is begging to emerge. 

led by
BeiBei Song_IMG_5449_color reduced.jpg

BeiBei Song


(Re)invention through Art


Frank Kilpatrick.jpeg

Frank Kilpatrick


Executive educator, innovation coach, creative catalyst & dancing phoenix

Former marketing executive, social entrepreneur, musician & songwriter

Rayko RED 300dpi.jpg

Rayko Takahashi



Singer, composer & musician


Linda Naiman


Creativity educator and coach, corporate alchemist, artist & designer


COVID-19 emergency relief donation



Participation is free but we appreciate your voluntary donations for COVID-19 relief efforts. All collected funds will be passed on to our partner organizations (one on each U.S. coast) undertaking coronavirus emergency relief efforts:

IMG_5495 cropped.jpeg

  • COVID-19 Relief Bay Area, a platform launched by a consortium of Chinese organizations in Silicon Valley to provide medical supplies for hospitals and financial support for patients and their families (in the broader community, not just Chinese)


Both are U.S. 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations. Your donations are tax-deductible and receipts can be provided.





What is a playshop?

Blending play and workshop, a playshop is:


  • an informal, interactive group session [1]

  • a workshop presented in an approachable or enjoyable way, as one which introduces an activity to children, or which develops skills in a leisure activity. [2]

  • facilitated group experiences for adults and children to externalize and self-regulate emotions in a safe and supportive way; and ultimately, develop embodied resilience and social-emotional intelligence. [3]


A playshop cultivates resilience and creativity.

What do I need to prepare for the playshops?


Open mind, open heart, compassion for yourself, empathy for others, respect for fellow participants and fun spirit!

  • Sheets of paper, (ink) pens and pencils. Ideally, colored writing / drawing instruments such as crayons and pastels as well, if you have them, or can borrow from your children.


  • For Act I - Sensorium:

    • A clear glass of ice water

    • (In small dishes): a pickle or something else sour; an olive or something else salty; arugula leaves or something else bitter; a grape or something else sweet; and a cherry tomato or something else umami!

    • Some wine, coffee or other aromatic beverage of your choice ready to be served; some lavender or other essential oil; and some spices.

    • A bowl of flour

    • Not too full from your meal. Save a little bit of appetite.

    • Well-washed hands and face, up to quarantine standards. Well-cleaned tabletop where you’ll be touching and playing with things.

Who should attend?

You are welcome to share the experience with your partner, making it an at-home “date”, or enjoy and enrich on your own. 


Certainly invite friends to join you virtually too!

Where to attend?

A Zoom link will be provided to registered participants.

Who can I contact with other questions?


Gena Nasi, email

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