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Spring 2019 Artful Life trilogy

Episode 1 

Togetherness, New and Improved: A unique Valentine's with couple's improv art-making (February)

Episode 2

WHO AM I ? Self-discovery & Art::: retreat, workshop and showcase (March and May)

Episode 3

Reflect, Renew and Regenerate - Midlife: an artful retreat for life transformation (April)

Valentine's with improv art dinner champagne
Togetherness, New and Improved:
A unique Valentine's with couple's improv art-making!

"The first kiss is magic. The second is intimate. The third is routine."
- Raymond Chandler

Even the most solid relationships can benefit from new excitement. Psychologists have found that engaging in novel and moderately challenging activities together dramatically improves relationship quality over time between couples.

For Valentine's 2019, a dozen curious and vibrant couples joined us on an artful Essinova adventure to celebrate their special evening with creativity, originality, and new intrigue, following a chef's special dinner, at the Modernist Club in San Francisco. "The evening was enjoyable as a chance for my wife and I to connect without kids doing an interactive exercise together", said Jonathan Lu, Principal and Co-founder of Wheelhouse Partners. Our guests ended the evening buzzed more with amour than with champagne and chocolates, evidenced by the beautiful artworks they created together!

Entertainers for the evening:















PPPiP Masters:

Alexandra "Sasha" Mikhailova and Daniel A. Friedman are Ph.D. students in Biology, at UC Davis and Stanford University, respectively. Together they are interested in the intersection of art, neuroscience, and improvisation. Recently they have published a research paper on partner drawing for a scholarly journal special issue on sexuality, based on their work in this area, guest edited by Prof. Robert Sapolsky and BeiBei Song.

Master of Ceremony:

BeiBei Song is the Chief Fantasy Officer of Essinova, an interdisciplinary academy applying art to (mostly adult but assisted by children) human development, business, leadership and innovation. She is also an executive educator and coach at Stanford University Graduate School of Business, with 15+ years of prior corporate and entrepreneurial experiments in technology, healthcare, sustainability, banking, creative and sports territories. She is an Argentine tango dancer, among other artistic dabblings. She lives in the sky with a variety of birds, occasionally coming down to Earth for worms.


Karl T. Ulrich is Vice Dean of Entrepreneurship & Innovation at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, and Professor of Mechanical Engineering. He is a holder of many patents, winner of many awards (teaching and design), founder of many ventures and author of many books. When not teaching classes highly sought-after by undergrads, MBAs and executives alike, and not lecturing across continents and seas, he can be found creating products for the good life from his maker shop. He has been (casually but enthusiastically) voted "the Coolest B-School Dean" by geeks, nerds, designers, muses and entrepreneurs.