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About Essinova

Essinova is a forward-thinking interdisciplinary creativity academy and consultancy. We fuse the leading edge across art, science, spirituality, culture, technology and creative leadership, to: 


  • develop and empower full human beings aligning heart, soul, head and hand;
  • transform life and work towards meaningful, purposeful and generative orientation; 
  • catalyze creativity and innovation;
  • enhance branding, product design, customer experience and company culture; 

  • prepare individuals, businesses and organizations for an exponentially more complex and uncertain future that is blurring industry lines, necessitating strategic redesigns and requiring art-thinking.

"Today, the defining skills of the previous era — the ‘left brain’ capabilities that powered the Information Age  —  are necessary but no longer sufficient. And the capabilities we once disdained or thought frivolous  —  

the ‘right brain’ qualities of inventiveness, empathy, joyfulness, and meaning  — 

increasingly will determine who flourishes and who flounders."

- Daniel Pink

Whole Brain with right brain circles.jpe

Adapted from Ned Hermann, © Linda Naiman

While respecting left-brain capabilities, we focus on cultivating right-brain intelligence

with immersive learning experience, leveraging arts-based methods,

to compensate for deficiencies in 20th-century educational systems and business culture.

In an era of unprecedented technological and social changes,

we empower leaders, teams and businesses with art-thinking 

to grow artfully by the alchemy of invention, while maintaining a solid core.

We support those who strive for Ikigai,

from Personal to Enterprise

Personal Ikigai

A reason for being

Enterprise Ikigai


Purposeful, transformative innovation

with superior products, nourishing culture and holistic, sustainable competitive advantage fit for new global realities

enterprise ikigai.jpeg

As Creative Catalysts, we pull the future into the present, and help organizations stay well ahead of the curve.



Set the direction

Take Risks

Have vision

Eye the horizon

Challenge status quo

Do the right thing

Vote with the heart

See an opportunity

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Organizers / Managers


Plan the details 

Minimize risks

Have objectives

Eye the bottom line 

Accept the status quo 

Do the thing right 

Vote with the head 

See a problem 

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Creative Catalysts


Create new directions

Embrace risks

Have curiosity

Eye inner/outer/white space

Invent new status quo

Do the new thing

Vote with the soul

Create opportunities

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"An organization’s success is dependent upon true leadership, not just efficient management. The emerging workplace is more uncertain; change has sped up; and customers have become notoriously fickle because they have frictionless access to a wealth of shared information, reviews, and ratings.


This increased volatility requires companies to become more agile in running their entire business enterprise. This in turn necessitates leadership that can change direction and operations quicker than the competition, management that is just as agile, and creative catalysts that stay well ahead of the curve."

- Whitney Vosburgh &  Charlie Grantham"Work The Future! Today" - Bringing shared purpose to life —

A book of hope and help for humanity.

... which introduces the art of the possible, practiced well in advance. Available on Amazon

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