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Spring 2019 Artful Life trilogy

Episode 1 

Togetherness, New and Improved: A unique Valentine's with couple's improv art-making (February)

Episode 2

WHO AM I ? Self-discovery & Art::: retreat, workshop and showcase (March and May)

Episode 3

Reflect, Renew and Regenerate - Midlife: an artful retreat for life transformation (April)

Ocean. Breeze. Rain, followed by Sunshine.

Music. Play. Words. Lines. Shapes. Colors. Symbols. Wine.


Some tears, lots of laughter.

A group of talented and intrepid women with the wisdom to pause and reflect,

not afraid of confronting fear, vulnerability and darkness

to uncover strengths, seek clarity, embrace passion, follow dreams and

celebrate the power of feminine energy, 


aided by creativity.

Real people, behind job titles and LinkedIn profiles.

20190302+0511 Who Am I title.jpeg

"It’s rare to have very high expectations and have those met. When I envisioned what I hoped to get out of today’s retreat – connection, reflection, catharsis – I didn’t actually imagine all of those would be met. They absolutely were, and then some. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"

- Lindsay Y., Product Manager, Virtual Reality


"It’s truly a gift to help others find their true self through creative experiences. I enjoyed the people, the stories, and learned about meditation & art. Today was a true luxury in self-exploration. Thank you!"

- Maria P., Chief Marketing Officer


"This was a wonderful way to have some 'me' time away from the hustle-&-bustle of city life and work responsibilities. It gave me a chance to connect with other women seeking a deeper connection to their artistic selves. We all created a safe space to share our hopes, fears and dreams. I’m glad I took the opportunity to relax into my self, all of my selves.

- Meghan R., Engagement Manager

"From the guided meditation to hearing everyone’s inspiring stories to putting paint on canvas, this is just what I needed. I’m a recovering perfectionist craving to let my inner artist out. BeiBei and Roshi encourage you to be bold. Sometimes I need the reminder life is not about the destination; it’s about the journey."

- Susan C., Product Manager


"My biggest takeaway from today is that I am already everything I want to be! Listing it out and thinking of the future, I realized I already have those qualities, that I have certain arears I want to focus more attention to and expand / nurture further."

- Kady P., athlete career coach; former business development executive

"Today was a day of: self-discovery, feeling less alone, knowing that everyone has their own stories to tell in different ways. I am a light force, influencer, inspirer, brave, worthy, resilient and HUMAN.


This workshop enabled a safe space to collaborate and learn from each other’s experiences & personalities. Thank you for being a force in creating such a space or even just pushing this intention. The world needs more of this. Heart, Meesh"

- Michelle Lee, Sales Ops & Sales Leader


"First, it was just wonderful to be in an environment that was welcoming, open and female. I felt that we all had similar intentions and I got the right guidance to move forward with what I wanted.


"The opening meditation and open conversation set a really great foundation for connection. It really set the right tone for the day.


"In learning more about what art really is, I learned more about how to be in touch with my feelings and how to do so. I think I will incorporate some of our activities in my daily practice.


"I would love to just be exposed to more activities in the future and hope you guys do more of these sessions!"

- Annie Z.