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Part 3: Art-thinking for Innovation

The last decade or so has been a period of increasingly rapid change for publishing as it has for many industries. Roland Smith of the Center for Creative Leadership has described this new business environment as one of perpetual white water. This is supported by an IBM study of over 1,500 CEOs who identified their number one concern as the growing complexity of their environments. Furthermore, the majority of those CEOs said that their organisations are not equipped to cope with this complexity. 

Part 1: Art, science and technology
Part 2: Art, science and technology, a perspective on Silicon Valley

On behalf of STM, the leading global trade association for academic and professional publishers, Jonathan Clark organized a leadership workshop for their members to learn how to cope and thrive in this business era. The 3-day intensive course consisted of lectures and a series of case studies that are especially relevant to publishing today, to help participants improve their decision-making ability in innovative and complex environments. The course also included personal career coaching from Barbara van Schaik, to help them become better leaders.

On the second day of the program, BeiBei Song delivered a well-received lecture on the interconnection between art, science and technology, as well as art-thinking for innovation.

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