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Spring 2019 Artful Life trilogy

Episode 1 

Togetherness, New and Improved: A unique Valentine's with couple's improv art-making (February)

Episode 2

WHO AM I ? Self-discovery & Art::: retreat, workshop and showcase (March and May)

Episode 3

Reflect, Renew and Regenerate - Midlife: an artful retreat for life transformation (April)



Spring weekend surrounded by trees and sun rays

Tranquility, in the vortex of a world spinning fast and furious


Music, from birds, piano keys and Alexa

Colors, in paints, fruit tarts and chakras


Light in conversation with darkness

Presence powering retrospective and vision


Be it triumph or trauma, celebration or healing

Out of chaos and lostness, arise purpose and meaning


Adults and children; adults as children

Parents’ blessing, here and from heaven


Wondrous synchronicity despite spirited debate

Connection and support, spoken or felt


Where wisdom rejuvenates and creativity regenerates 

When heroes’ journeys cross


A midlife retreat 


20190427-28_Midlife title.jpeg

"The program blew me away! I got so much out of it...We were blessed with a deeply spiritual, seeking group that supported one another in sharing our souls and exploring the themes in our current lives through creativity... I liked how the retreat infused music, painting, pastry-making, meditation from different paths and how open everyone was to other traditions... I enjoyed your lecture on art and science."

"I have a feeling that this workshop is going to be a seminal moment in my year. ❤️" 


- Nadine K., technology storyteller and communication consultant

"What an awesome experience you created! It's the pause we all needed to reflect on life topics - purpose, renewal, new beginnings and mindfulness!!! Thank you. Greatly appreciated! 😊"  


- Pierre Khawand, serial entrepreneur, productivity and leadership evangelist

"Wonderful pause exactly when I needed it. I loved how the different concepts (perspectives, dimensions, scale and empathy) all brought home for me the importance of slowing down, taking time to look at situations from others' lens, and giving myself permission to take better care of myself. Thank you for this beautiful gift of midlife renewal. I am honored to be part of the beauty you are creating in the world. ❤️"  


- Anu S., product management executive

"I loved connecting with such a wonderful group of people! BeiBei is so thoughtful and purposeful in her presentation that I left feeling ready to tackle anything. Thank you ❤️" 


- Belinda C., artist and climate action leader