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​Art-powered imagination, transformation and storytelling

Long view with dreamers’ idealism, and speed learning with multi-disciplinary/multi-industry collision

Human-centricity and leading edge technology

Radical social innovation with global impact

Such was the essence and spirit of the extraordinary event organized by

Lisa Sibilia and her fellow participants from the Stanford LEAD program,

with support from former Disney leaders.

NYC Global LEAD flyer.jpg

BeiBei Song was honored to speak about "Moonshot with Art; Leadership the Artist Way",

co-lead "Imagineering Your Tomorrowlands" with futurist Joe Tankersley and Lisa, 

and curate a STEAM exhibition featuring world-leading science and technology artists.

"Thank you Lisa for giving us the opportunity to meet such dynamic leaders who inspired us with their stories, guidance and wisdom. It brought back the humanity in what we do daily." 

“Two Magical Days full of learning, sharing, caring and innovating....all bring dreams into reality...!!"

“Can we think of more ways to infuse art into our innovation journey?”


“Superb program. Game changer for life.”


“This was like a detox.”

"As someone that works in digital product, I've always believed and espoused that great digital experiences exist at the intersection of technology and creativity. It was really interesting and validating to hear how technology, science and art all converge regardless of what the focus and vertical you work in or what 'problem' you're trying to solve."

"Connecting and engaging with people on a personal, emotional level is at the core of any successful human interaction, whether business or outside of the 'office'."

"What an extraordinary event filled with extraordinary people, stories, emotion and learning." 


Moonshot with Art; Leadership the Artist Way


"The magic lifted us to a new high with unforgettable stories. 

With magical moments and a culture of human centeredness, it was like rain in a desert.

Product pitches were fun and exciting.

Personalities were diverse and yet the heart to heart connections were so intimate.

We all grew another inch taller."


Imagineering Your Tomorrowlands


STEAM Pop-up Exhibition

Eight artists / artist groups participated with their outstanding works exploring diverse subjects such as biology, DNA, artificial intelligence, deep space, the universe, multiverse, digital medicine and the environment, in diverse original mediums such as drawings and sprayed water on paper, chemistry on metal, film, photography, digital sculpture, chamber orchestra and multimedia. 

The artworks were shown in a combination of physical and digital displays at the event. Visit Showcases on this website for a virtual gallery of these artworks and more information about the artists.

Photography / videography by Phong Lai

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