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Business, Open Innovation and Art


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Our vision inspires and energizes Stanford LEAD executive learners

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Moonshot with Art; Leadership the Artist Way
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1.00 Participatory MCLE credit

1.00 Competence Issues

“Easily one of the best courses on social and emotional intelligence for professionals and lawyers available.  BeiBei Song engagingly instructs on the science of emotional and social intelligence and provides tools to help change how we understand ourselves, and how we interact with others.”

John R. Wierzbicki, Esq., Director, Witkin Legal Institute, San Francisco

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Moonshot with Art; Leadership the Artist Way

On September 28, 2019, BeiBei Song spoke about the New Renaissance, 4th Industrial Revolution, artful leadership and art-thinking innovation at Global LEAD World Tour NYC, an extraordinary event organized by participants of the Stanford LEAD Executive Education program, with support from former Disney leaders.

She also curated a STEAM Exhibition, showcasing world-class science and technology art exploring diverse subjects such as biology, DNA, artificial intelligence, deep space, the universe, multiverse, digital medicine and the environment.

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Perspective, Dimensions and Intransigents:
Lessons for Innovation from Art History
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Driving an Innovative Culture

On April 2, 2019, BeiBei Song spoke to a group of senior executives from a leading Canadian bank visiting Advanced Financial Technologies Laboratory at Stanford University.

"Thank you for the amazing presentation you gave on Tuesday – the group loved learning about how to drive innovation internally and had a great debate on their ride back about your 'exploration vs. exploitation' discussion."​ 


Raajat G., Monitor Deloitte

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A Case for Art in Science, Technology and Innovation

On September 19, 2017, BeiBei Song gave a well-received lecture on art-thinking for innovation at "Modern leadership for the changing world of publishing" workshop in Oxford, hosted by STM, the leading global trade association for scholarly publishers.



Corporate Workshops

Team Attunement for the Fog Fighters
2020 playshops
at one of America's largest and most innovative
financial services companies

Culture building.

Creativity training.

Team development.


Aspirations, values, norms and rituals,

envisioned and reinforced with art-making.

Spring and Summer 2020

COVID-19 Relief Special Playshop Series


Spring 2019

Artful Life Trilogy


Recent Events

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Select STEAM Showcases

Select STEAM Events

STEAM Exhibition at Global LEAD NYC

BeiBei Song, in partnership with Lisa Sibilia, curated a pop-up STEAM art show during Global LEAD Event World Tour New York City on September 28 & 29, 2019. 

Art, Science and Innovation::: a neural connection

Our inaugural Essinova Salon and Popup Gallery, in collaboration with SAP Labs AppHaus, was a great success!

Ars Electronica 2016

Essinova is proud to be the Development Partner for Tsinghua University, an Academic Sponsor for Ars Electronica 2016.

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